Is Pretend Record Club a REAL record club?


Here’s how the club works:

Shawn Harris and Tim de Vil take turns producing one-another’s songs on the PRC podcast, in front of your very eyes, or ears actually, and then they press the song onto these thin, collectable plastic records called flexi-discs, and deliver them to your doorstep.


If the records and the club are real, then why do you call them “pretend”?

Flexi-discs are a weird, nearly forgotten media, that we have affectionately renamed “Pretend Records”.

We’re using them because they’re much faster to produce than regular vinyl, and we can print short runs (Issue #1 is a limited run of 115) more economically (under $20) than a more traditional format, like a 7” single.


Tell me more about flexi-discs...

Flexis were originated by bootleggers distributing (illegal) pop music in communist Russia in the 1960’s. The record grooves were stamped on old X-Ray sheets that they called ”Bones”. Good name.


Tell me more about the lyric book...

Each “issue” consists of a flexi-disc single, and a lyric book full of visuals to accompany the song. It’s kind of like each song has its own zine. The zine for issue #1 is a 5.25” Risograph 2 color print (Florescent Orange & Aqua Inks) on Mohawk Via Vellum 70lb paper. And, yes, we were teenagers in the 90’s.


What happened to Shawn’s old podcast “You Don’t Know Me”?

It turned into this idea for PRC— Shawn wanted to make collectable, non-digital music again, and also make the podcast free-to-listen.


Where can I update my address and/or card info?

Right here: UPDATE

...or from the menu at the bottom, click 'UPDATE MEMBER INFO'


I didn't get my issue in the mail; what do I do?

You could take a look at the 'Refund/Replace' policy linked below... but it's more fun if you email We'll take care of ya.


Where's all the legal crap you have to put on the site but don't really wanna?‚Äč

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